Our Strength

Our strength lies with a committed team that combines business acumen with technical expertise. Our care competence lies in the delivery of world- class solutions that involve basically SOFTWARE SOLUTION WITH Internet, Multimedia and Web technologies. Our Development Center in Kolkata, India, permits us to deliver cost effective solutions. Our diverse list of professional those who have worked in CMM level 5 companies projects with confident.

R S. CONSULTANCY & ITS ASSOCIATES comprise a young and dynamic team is adequately trained and has worked not only in the domestic. But also in the international sector, providing high quality services that are in-step with the latest friend in Information Technology.

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    Feasibility Study For Project

    We must always consider certain important factors before selecting or initiating a project in any industry. We call this a Feasibility Study for a project. It helps the organization to decide whether to start or reject the project.

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    Project Documentation

    Project Documentation is an evidence to develop a good project and to management it. It helps us to track different activities related to the project, find out if time constraints are being met, monitor productivity and plan for the future. ... By carrying out this important task, the project manager and the stakeholders are all expecting the same outcomes.

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    Data Migration

    Data migration is the major part of our system, by this process selecting, preparing, extracting, and transforming data and permanently transferring it from one computer storage system to another, or one data base system to another. It may be migrated from or to different database like dbase, access, ms sql, mysql, oraqle, even from xls or csv based on client's need.

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    Data Base Maintenance and Security

    Database maintenance is a routine word to keep a database running smoothly. Different systems and process are using to build and maintain databases, like SQL Server and MYSQL. Maintenance of databases is generally performed by the specialised DBA and the specifics of the appropriate database, although some maintenance tasks can be accomplished by people who do not have experience. Also using different tools to maintain such activities.

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    Automatic Data Backup

    Our Dynamic Autobackup process allows to take backup in a specific schedule. It allows to recovery of information stored on computers. Automatic backups are necessary in order to back up stored data and to enable data recovery should the system crash. By this process record can be forwarded from one Harddrive to another or one system to another based on user setting.

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    Continuous Testing and Upgradation

    Continuous Testing is the process of executing system or software testing after development of software, even after delivery pipeline in order to obtain feedback on the business risks associated with a software release. It evolves and extends test automation to make the system error free, to increase system stability and processing and execution time, also to update the project in modern application process development.

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    24 x 7 Remote Support

    Our backend team is ready to support connecting the system thru IP or by the third party remote support software, also setup monitoring tools those are checking routinely for potential system failures, updates and backups. or may be for on call support

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